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You’re in safe hands.Best Taxi Servicein thrissur, guruvayoor, guruvayur.Fast, Affordable, & Secure!


We offer our taxi service for pick & drop for the airport, local city tour, outstation tour, etc. Along with our taxi service, we also offer Tempo traveler for groups. Thrissur city cabs services guarantee a stress-free and memorable tour with meticulous attention to detail. Our taxi provides safe and reliable 24-hour taxi hiring services for short distance and long distance journeys. Designed to cater to your personal, company travel, these services from thrissurcitycabs.com travel division can fulfill all of your aspirations of a secure and comfortable journey. Call us with all your travel requirements for peace of mind knowing that we will provide excellent service at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Us- We are headquartered in Thrissur. We provide you safe and reliable 24 hours taxi hiring services for short distance and long distance journeys. All our vehicles are well maintained and driven by experienced drivers.


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We offer hassle free travel throughout the trip. Different types taxi cabs are available in our service AC, Non AC or Economical.


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We greatly reduce the effort of switching between multiple modes of transport. We ensure you get the best deal as the lowest quote may not always be the company closest to you.


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Services being introduced are Airport Taxi Services 24/7, Railway Station pick up & drop, 24/7 call taxi services in Thrissur, Anytime pick up and drop. We offer you complete freedom to choose your own travel plan. We have variety of taxi cars depending upon your travel requirements and budget for transportation.


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Travelling to your desired destination has never been more convenient and carefree. Time is precious so waste no more waiting or queuing up for a taxi to your destination! Relax in comfort as professional drivers take you to your destination on time. Simply Thrissur city cab and all arrangements for the provision of your transport will be managed.


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